May 26, 2010

Arts, Sciences and Engineering Awards

Thirteen professors and staff have been recognized for their contributions to the Tufts community

Thirteen faculty and staff members were recognized for outstanding teaching, advising, research or service by the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering at the close of the spring semester.

The awards, which were presented during the AS&E faculty meeting on May 19 at Balch Arena Theater, were as follows:

Faculty Research Awards Committee Distinguished Scholar Award, given for research and scholarship during the past five years: Bruce Boghosian, Mathematics, and Gary Goldstein, Physics and Astronomy

Henry and Madeline Fischer Award for engineering teacher of the year, as judged by graduating seniors in the School of Engineering: Jerry Meldon, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Gerald R. Gill Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to the Tufts community from the Africana Center: Keith Maddox, Psychology

Lillian & Joseph Leibner Award for outstanding teaching and advising: Roger Tobin, Physics and Astronomy

Lerman-Neubauer Prize, given to a faculty member judged by graduating seniors as having had a profound impact on them intellectually in and out of the classroom. As part of a recent Tufts tradition, the recipient will deliver the Lerman-Neubauer Lecture next year: Harry Bernheim, Biology

Arts, Sciences and Engineering Faculty/Staff Multicultural Service Award, given to faculty or staff who have made significant efforts to define Tufts as a multicultural environment: Linda Sprague Martinez, Community Health, and David Gute, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Seymour Simches Award for Distinguished Teaching and Advising, presented to a senior member of the faculty in acknowledgement of a lifetime of outstanding teaching and advising: Eli Siegel, Biology, and Ross Feldberg, Biology

UNITE (Undergraduate Initiative in Teaching) Award, given to a junior faculty member in recognition of exceptional teaching: Sarah Sobieraj, Sociology

Faculty Mentoring and Teaching Award for outstanding support of a graduate student or students from course completion through research and post-degree placement: George Smith, Philosophy, and Kyongbum Lee, Chemical and Biological Engineering

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