August 5, 2009

Global Leaders

Tufts is ranked 40th internationally for top executive alumni

Tufts has come in 40th in an international ranking of universities based on a very particular criterion: how many of the institution’s alumni are top executives at Fortune Global 500 companies.

This is the third year the French university Mines Paris Tech has compiled and produced the Professional Ranking of World Universities list, which is based on the list of companies and their executives in the top 500 international companies as ranked by Fortune magazine

Topping the list are Tokyo University, Harvard and Stanford. Among those following Tufts in the rankings are Dartmouth, Northwestern, Georgetown and Rutgers.

The Tufts CEOs who are currently on the job in the 2008 Fortune Global 500 list include Jamie Dimon, A78, of JP Morgan Chase, and Jeffrey Kindler, A77, of Pfizer.

“This criterion is meant to be the equivalent, as far as companies are concerned, of the criterion of ‘alumni having been awarded the Nobel Prize or the Fields Medal,’ used in the classification established by Jiaotong University in Shanghai,” according to the report. “Unlike the Shanghai classification, this criterion points to the performance of the training courses provided by higher education institutions rather than performance achieved in research by those institutions.”

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