October 2008

Time to Serve Your Country

President Bacow offers his advice to a national readership

In the cover story of the September 22 issue of Time magazine —“21 Ways to Serve America”—President Lawrence S. Bacow joined the likes of Colin Powell and Arnold Schwarzenegger in penning suggestions for improving the country.

In his article, “Get Your College Involved,” Bacow said that colleges and universities “have a special responsibility to educate the next generation of active, engaged citizens” and encourage them to get involved in public service.

He argued that to “address this nation’s major challenges, we need people across the political spectrum to serve in government, to run for office and to work to build stronger, more vibrant communities.”

Bacow outlined the efforts Tufts has made to encourage its graduates to pursue careers in the nonprofit or public sectors, focusing on the Loan Repayment Assistance Program, believed to be the first university-wide program of its kind in the country. The program, which helps graduates working in the nonprofit or public sectors pay their student loans, received more than 400 applications for assistance this year.

“Helping young people pursue their passion for service is one of the best investments our society can make,” Bacow wrote.

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