April 2008

New Engineering Degree Explored for India

Online Master of Science in Engineering Management students would also come to Tufts campus

Tufts is exploring offering a two-year engineering degree program in India starting in August that would allow technical professionals to continue to work while earning a postgraduate degree. The India program is tailored to the specific needs of technology-based organizations operating in India, and is designed specifically for working professionals with technical backgrounds.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management, known as MSEM, would be offered online in India, but students would also participate in two brief residential programs on Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus. Tufts faculty, in turn, would teach the online courses from the Medford campus but travel to India for two on-site programs.

Offered through the Gordon Institute, it would enroll 30 students and emphasize product innovation and development, project management, and technology and global business strategy. It would also provide in-depth exposure to quantitative tools for product development and technology management.

Plans call for the classes in India to be taught twice a week, using conferencing technology that creates a classroom-like atmosphere and allows faculty to see their students and give them attention as needed. Faculty can call on students and help them face-to-face using the audio and video connection. Students would be issued laptop computers equipped with the conferencing software and a webcam.

During the residencies at Tufts, it is hoped that students would get to know their professors better and exchange experiences and expertise with each other. When Tufts professors travel to India, they would hold on-site classes in Pune. Each residency is slated to be approximately 10 days.

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