October 7, 2009

To Market, To Market

Wearing a different hat than usual, an associate dean gathers Azuluna eggs to be sold

Angie Warner with a basket of Azuluna eggs at the Cummings School. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Most days, Angie Warner, associate dean for academic affairs and an associate professor of biomedical sciences at the Cummings School, deals with curriculum or student issues. But once a week, when the hens are laying, she heads to the poultry barn on the Grafton campus and loads up a cooler with packages of Azuluna eggs, distinguished by their ethereal, pale blue-green tint.

The delivery is destined for her neighborhood Whole Foods Market near Boston, where the eggs are quickly snapped up by hungry locavores. Hens that lay Azuluna eggs are descended from Araucana chickens, first bred by the Araucanian Indians in Chile.

George Saperstein, a professor of environmental and population health at Cummings, bred Ameraucana chickens, as they are called in the United States, and helped established Azuluna Brands as part of a regional program aimed at changing the way farmers raise livestock and market their products.

Local farmers work with Azuluna Brands to raise free-range hens that feed outside during the day and eat a natural diet. Warner says that adding egg delivery to her job description is no problem. “The perk,” she says, “is that I get free eggs.”

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