Tufts Distinction Awards
New program to honor staff and faculty contributions

Do you know a colleague or team whose work, in the words of President Lawrence S. Bacow, “exemplifies the very best of Tufts?” Starting this year, such employees—staff and faculty—will be celebrated in a new university-wide awards program.

On February 12, the university will formally launch the Tufts Distinction Awards, sponsored by the Office of the President and Human Resources.

“This new awards program is one important way we can thank staff and faculty for their good work and affirm our shared values as a community where everyone is valued and has the chance to grow,” says Bacow.

Four categories have been created for individuals and teams. Multiple winners in each category will be “OK and desired,” according to the guidelines. Here are the categories, with some of the criteria:

1) The Extra Mile Award, for exceptional customer service. This award celebrates individuals or teams who always go the extra mile for their customers, which may include Tufts students, faculty or staff, as well as other individuals or groups such as patients and their families, alumni, donors and host communities.

2) The Bridge Builder Award, for bringing out the best in others. Award winners will be recognized for their ability to build strong connections with colleagues and students, promoting an inclusive environment and contributing to the fabric of the Tufts community.

3) The Change Agent Award, for creating new opportunities for innovation. This award honors individuals or teams who have acted as catalysts for change through flexibility, creativity and entrepreneurship, and have a gift for getting others involved.

4) The Unsung Hero Award, for accomplishing the extraordinary every day. This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates a real willingness to do whatever needs to be done on the job. Candidates for this award are consummate team players.

The nominating process opens February 12 and closes March 31. Go to the Web site at http://distinctionawards.tufts.edu for online nominations. Printed nomination forms will also be available at Human Resources on each campus, and paper nominations can be mailed to the Medford/Somerville Human Resources office.

A selection committee composed of staff, administrators and faculty from across the university will choose the winners. Bacow will present the first annual awards at a ceremony on June 3.

This story ran in the February 2008 issue of the Tufts Journal.