By the numbers

Meet the undergraduate Class of 2011

1,375 Total number of entering undergraduates

1,185 Number of students in the School of Arts & Sciences

190 Number of students in the School of Engineering

28 Percentage of engineering students who are female

3 Number of sets of twins

15,387 Total number of applications for spots in this year’s class

27 Percentage of students of color from the United States

10 Number of students from South Korea, the country that produced the most international students in the class

2003 Year one student won the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee

67 Number of high school valedictorians

1405 Average combined score of the two-part SAT

2 Number of students who identify themselves as pagans

156 Number of students receiving Pell grants, awarded to those from families with incomes of less than $40,000

1 Number who are the offspring of a Nobel Laureate

10 Percentage raised by parents who did not attend college

17 Number who have a parent who works at Tufts

62 Percentage who attended public high schools

700 Number of feet one student once launched a pumpkin in a medieval trebuchet

73 Number of senior class presidents

220 Number elected captain of at least one varsity high school team

2 Number of times one student won the Hawaiian female wrestling championship

37 Number of nations represented.

200,000-plus Number of people who have viewed one class member lip-synching to Russian ska on You Tube

This story appeared in the September 2007 Tufts Journal.