Summer labs

Undergrads get hands-on experience in biomedical research

More than 20 undergraduate engineering students had a chance to work with a mentor during the summer on biomedical projects ranging from diabetes tests to CT scans to the development of a replacement for the anterior cruciate ligament. The students presented their findings at a symposium on August 4 at Anderson Hall on the Medford/Somerville campus.

The students were part of a program called Bringing Engineers into New Disciplines, known as BEND, as well as a second program called Biomedical Research Experiences for Engineering Majors, known as BREEM. The programs aim to bring engineers and scientists together in multidisciplinary teams to solve new problems in health-related research.

Among the mentors during the summer were Sarah Frisken, professor of computer science, who worked with Kyle Maxwell, E08, on CT scans, as well as Robert White, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, who worked with Justin Henneman, E07, and Ethan Mandelup, E08, on testing a mechanical cochlea and on the development of a monitor for patients in hospital intensive care units.

Other mentors included Barry Trimmer, professor of biology; David Kaplan, Vo Van Toi and Irene Georgakoudi of the biomedical engineering department; and Robin Kanarek, professor of psychology.