Who’s counting?

Commencement 2005 by the numbers

20,000 Folding chairs Facilities will set up on the Medford/Somerville campus for commencement.

© Mark Morelli

1,400 Bed sheets the Tufts Conference Bureau will rent for the 500 to 800 guests who will stay in on-campus housing for commencement.

15,000 Programs the Office of Publications will produce for the university-wide commencement ceremony.

$125 What the Tufts Alumni Council paid in 1938 to commission the university mace, the ceremonial rosewood and polished brass object carried by Peter L.D. Reid, professor of classics, at the beginning and end of the commencement ceremony. The mace was first used at the inauguration of Tufts President Leonard Carmichael on November 4, 1938.

7,000 Box lunches Dining Services will prepare for Arts, Sciences and Engineering graduates and their families.

780 Tables of all shapes and sizes that Facilities will set up around campus for Alumni Weekend and commencement.

875 Pounds of salad that will be served at the commencement luncheon.