Under construction

Renovation work continues on Medford/Somerville campus

The Medford/Somerville campus looks a bit different this semester as renovation and construction projects continue into the fall.

These decorative cupolas will sit atop the new faculty dining room and conference center at Carmichael Hall. © Mark Morelli

A new faculty dining room and conference center is being built as an addition to Carmichael Hall, replacing a bakery that had been used most recently as a storage area. The new single-story building with cupolas will be approximately 2,000 square feet and house a small reception area and have the capacity for audio-visual presentations. The entrance to the building will be from the parking lot at the rear of Carmichael.

Rudi Pizzi, deferred maintenance program manager, said work will continue through October on Anderson and Robinson halls, which are connected, as well as on Paige and Miner halls, which are linked by an arcade.

The exteriors of all four buildings are being restored “from the top down,” said Pizzi. Each building will get a new roof and new gutters, and decorative architectural elements will be replaced. In addition, both Anderson and Robinson will get new windows.

The columns at the front entrance of Anderson will be restored. At Paige and Miner, the arcade linking the two buildings is being restored, which will mean that the Memorial Steps, leading from campus to College Avenue, will be closed for about two weeks this fall.

Anderson Hall, swaddled in black netting, is getting a face-lift. © Mark Morelli

At the Ellis Oval, a construction crew is replacing the track with a super-resilient polyurethane surface.