Celebrating diversity

Nominate someone for the Hall of Diversity

Faculty, staff and students are involved in a variety of diversity efforts, helping build bridges of understanding between individuals and contributing to community where everyone is valued and supported.

The Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) would like to share the stories of those involved in creating a more inclusive community through a new online Hall of Diversity, located at www.tufts.edu/oeo.

Visitors to the hall will be able to read about how the work of their colleagues is helping make Tufts a truly diverse university. “To achieve our goals, we must sample from the full range of human capital available,” President Lawrence S. Bacow said.

The first member of the hall is Rubén Salinas-Stern, director of the Tufts Latino Center, who is helping empower Latino students to achieve success in and beyond the classroom.

The OEO is accepting nominations for the Hall of Diversity. Nomination forms can be found at www.tufts.edu/oeo and can be faxed to 617-627-3150 or mailed to the Office of Equal Opportunity, Ballou Hall, Medford campus.

An individual nominee should be a member of the Tufts community and have founded or held a leadership position in any Tufts-related initiative pertaining to furthering diversity on campus. You may also nominate any department or committee that has sponsored a project on diversity.