Boost for humanities

Mellon grant will train next generation of humanists

The university has received a $992,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation to sponsor postdoctoral fellows in the humanities.

The six-year grant “will serve as a magnet, drawing some of the country’s top humanities scholars to Tufts,” said Kevin Dunn, dean of academic affairs for Arts & Sciences.

“Tufts is now well-positioned to be a training ground for the next generation of humanists who want to pursue cross-disciplinary research,” said Dunn, who wrote the grant proposal. The grant “was designed to bring young scholars to Tufts to work with more advanced scholars on research projects,” he said.

The grant also will enable the eight Mellon Fellows to teach one course per term, including a team-taught course with a faculty mentor. These courses could present opportunities for involving undergraduates directly in research, which is a university priority.