Shaping up

Tufts to spread the word about the benefits of exercise

Tufts' Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition has received a grant from the National Blueprint, an organization established to increase physical activity in adults over age 50.

The project will involve forming partnerships with counties in Alaska, Kansas and Oregon to disseminate the community-based Strong Women strength-training programs, developed by Tufts' Miriam Nelson, to mid-life and older women in rural communities. The collaboration will increase access to safe, effective and affordable strength-training programs for women in underserved areas.

Increasingly, evidence such as that developed by Nelson, director of the Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition, indicates that physical activity offers one of the greatest opportunities to extend years of active, independent life, reduce disability and improve the quality of life for older persons. A major goal of the Blueprint is to identify the barriers preventing older adults from participating in physical activity and to outline strategies for increasing physical activity throughout the population.