PBL training

Here's an opportunity to get involved in veterinary education

Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine will offer a free training program March 20-21 on the Grafton campus for those interested in becoming a problem-based learning facilitator at the veterinary school.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a case-based method for enhancing veterinary students' learning of basic science facts and concepts and clinical problem solving and critical thinking skills.

In this small-group, student-centered, collaborative learning program, a facilitator does not act as an expert, but helps students to identify learning issues and work through clinical problems. Students research the issues and report back to the group, essentially acting as their own instructors. The facilitator helps students address the learning objectives explored during study of the clinical problem. Facilitators routinely learn at least as much as they teach and so will be granted one hour of CE credit for each hour of facilitation.

The March training session will run the afternoon of Thursday, March 20, and all day on Friday, March 21. (Continental breakfast and lunch are included.) Trainees learn the theory behind PBL, participate as a student in a PBL group, research a learning issue and practice as a facilitator.

Trainees can become facilitators for first- and/or second-year Tufts veterinary students as early as September. All teaching takes place on the school's Grafton campus.

To sign up for training or to learn more about the program, call Beth Gabrenas at (508) 887-4200 or e-mail her at elizabeth.gabrenas@tufts.edu