Congratulations to all for a successful fund-raising campaign

Editor's Note: Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow sent this letter to the Tufts community to mark the successful completion of the Tufts Tomorrow fund-raising campaign.

I am pleased to report officially to all of you that the Tufts Tomorrow campaign came to a successful conclusion last spring, raising more than $609 million. This is a credit to all of you whose contributions to teaching, scholarship, research, student life and all aspects of our campus environments make Tufts a special and exciting place.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of Tufts.

The campaign has created a terrific foundation, not only of achievement but of vision for Tufts. It has shown us the depth and breadth of our university's potential and raised our expectations about the possibilities for our future.

Working together as a community of students, faculty, staff, trustees, overseers, parents, alumni and friends across all our schools, we strengthened support for faculty through 34 new endowed and term professorships, built new facilities to support great teaching and research on all Tufts campuses and dramatically increased financial aid for our students so that Tufts may remain accessible to all.

Tufts owes a special debt of gratitude to President Emeritus John DiBiaggio for his inspiration and leadership throughout this campaign and to the faculty, staff and volunteers who have worked so tirelessly to make the case for Tufts and to ensure our success.

Now, with the same energy we used to make Tufts Tomorrow the most successful campaign in our university's history, we must look to our future and use this momentum to achieve even greater things. Tufts' future lies in our hands. How far we extend the university's reach and how high we set our goals will again depend on all of us working together as a true community to fulfill Tufts' promise.

I look forward to working with each of you as we continue to lead in scholarship, research, teaching and interdisciplinary innovation in higher education.

Lawrence S. Bacow
President, Tufts University