Research tutorial

Become a better researcher

The Tisch Library has created a new interactive research tutorial designed to teach the basics of conducting research at the undergraduate level.

Students use the Tisch Interactive Library Tutorial ( to evaluate their research competency and build on it. Faculty use TILT to survey students' competencies and make appropriate decisions based on TILT quiz results, TILT-related assignments that faculty develop and other student feedback.

TILT helps students and faculty understand the variety of formats of information available and choose the appropriate format(s) for their needs; effectively use periodical indexes; identify differences between popular and scholarly periodicals; construct search strategies; choose between subject and keyword searching and evaluate information sources.

TILT is made up of three modules—selecting source material, searching sources and evaluating sources. The modules can be completed in any order, though there is something to be said for starting at the beginning. Each module should take about 30 minutes and can be stopped and re-started at any time as many times as necessary. Many interactive activities and quizzes are built into TILT to evaluate success.

For more information about TILT, contact Laurie Sabol, Tisch Library instruction coordinator, via e-mail at or call (617) 627 5167.