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Journal award

TuftScope receives Evergreen Award

Recognized as making a contribution to the academic community at Tufts and beyond, TuftScope, a bioethics and citizenship journal produced by undergraduates, received the Evergreen Award April 25 as the top new student group.

Chosen for its scholarly pursuit and for its contribution to the Tufts community through print, discussion panels and conferences, the Office of Student Activities recognized the innovative approach to current affairs found in TuftScope: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health, Ethics & Policy.

In addition to publishing one of the nation's only student-run, peer-reviewed journals for bioethics and active citizenship, the organization's staff also has represented the journal at national student bioethics conferences and local workshops. For the Tufts community, the journal held a conference on genetic privacy and gene patenting with nationally recognized Tufts scholars Norman Daniels, Sheldon Krimsky and David Walt and George Annas, a bioethicist at Boston University.

The journal has published cutting-edge articles and essays on issues ranging from genetic discrimination to the ethics of stem cell technology. Although produced by undergraduates, article submissions are open to all. Peer review comes from the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Medicine as well as from outside the university.

TuftScope can been read online at