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University history

Glimpses into Tufts' past

As a part of the yearlong series of events celebrating the founding of Tufts, the Tisch Library is presenting an exhibition that captures university life in photographs.

The exhibition, "150th at Tisch: A Photo Gallery Commemorating Tufts' 150th Anniversary," will be on display on the main floor adjacent to the reference desk until May 30, 2002.

Stephanie St. Laurence, a member of the Tisch staff who helped coordinate the exhibit, said a committee culled through many archival photographs to choose the 40 in the exhibit.

St. Laurence said three themes were chosen to represent 150 years at Tufts: Student life, community activism and academic life. Among the photos is a group of students selling war bonds in 1944, sophomores engaging in a tug of war in 1930 and a student attired in suit and tie working on an equation on a blackboard in 1930.

Jackson women in an archery class in 1940.

Students sledding behind Goddard Chapel in 1970.