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What's good for you

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While all colored vegetables and fruits are suspected of having antioxidant qualities, studies also have linked specific foods to risk-reduction or improvement in certain conditions.

Beets—inhibit skin, lung and liver tumors in mice

Blueberries—anti-inflammatory, lower cholesterol, prevent urinary track infection, benefit brain

Carrots—reduce stroke risk, strengthen immune defense of epithelial cells

Cranberries—prevent urinary track infections, reduce breast tumors, control H. pylori (cause of ulcers)

Oranges—boost immunity, protect heart, reduce stroke risk

Pomegranate—reduce carotid artery stenosis

Red onions—thin blood, increase bone density, reduce lung cancer risk

Sour cherries—reduce risk of arthritis and heart disease

Spinach—reduce age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa


Tomatoes—reduce risk of prostate cancer, protect lungs from ozone exposure, protect against heart disease