Thursday, January 18, 2018

Top Notch for Tufts

Ranking places the university at number 53 in the world

Tufts University is one of the top 100 universities in the world, according to the Times of London, ranking 53rd on a list of 200 colleges and universities. The survey, which was a 10-month undertaking, was published on September 16 in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

The rankings focused on five areas: teaching, which was worth 30 percent of the score; research, also worth 30 percent; research influence, 32.5 percent; innovation, 2.5 percent; and international mix of staff and students, 5 percent.

“I certainly like the fact that we’ve developed an international reputation, that our faculty and students have brought distinction to the institution and that we do consistently well on various surveys that use different methodologies,” says James Glaser, academic dean for the School of Arts and Sciences.

According to the Times, the methodology to determine the rankings was established after lengthy consultation with experts in global higher education. The survey was “the most comprehensive and sophisticated exercise ever undertaken to provide transparent, rigorous and genuinely meaningful global performance comparisons,” it said.

The survey ranked Tufts higher than Brown University (55th), Boston University (59th) and Dartmouth (99th). Harvard was first, the California Institute of Technology was second and MIT was third. The highest-ranked universities outside the United States were the University of Cambridge and Oxford University, which tied for sixth. Tufts ranks 33rd for North American institutions, including Canada.

Posted September 21, 2010