Thursday, January 18, 2018

Family Matters

By Alonso Nichols

Freshman Daryan J. Barnes talks about making the transition from Memphis to Medford

In the slideshow above, hear Daryan J. Barnes, A14, talk about coming to Tufts. Photos and slideshow by Alonso Nichols

As October begins, the Class of 2014 is settling in at Tufts. Whether they come from as far away as San Diego, Calif., or as close as Lexington, Mass., they have eagerly begun their college careers on the Hill.

Five members of the Class of 2014 agreed to give the Tufts community an inside look at their pre-Tufts lives and what was running through their minds before they came to campus.

Daryan J. Barnes hails from Memphis, Tenn. He first came to campus last fall to participate in the Voices program for prospective students, and then applied for early admission.

When not catching up on much-needed sleep, Barnes enjoys spending time at home with his extended family. While he misses them, Southern food and Memphis, he says he is ready to live in a new place and is excited about being at Tufts.

“I’ve never experienced that sense of global community,” he says. “Small-town Memphis just isn’t getting it for me.” He says he’s also looking forward to his first real winter.

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